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Bodyweight: Squat Jump

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Squat Jump

No equipment? No problem! You don’t need squat racks, lots of heavy weights, or even a bunch of fancy machines to build nice shapely legs. Bodyweight exercise can be a fantastic way to work out, and are an effective way to strengthen, tone, and increase lean muscle on your legs.

You can incorporate bodyweight exercises into your home workouts, travel workouts, bootcamps, and even use it as a supplemental exercises to kettlebell and weight training workouts. I often use the squat jump as a finishing exercise. It shoots your heart rate way up, and really gets a burn.

In addition to sculpting the legs, doing squat jumps can be an amazing cardiovascular exercise. Burn some calories, shape the legs, and raise that heart rate!


Stand with your feet at shoulder-width.

Scoot the butt back as you squat down,  just as if you were doing a weighted squat.

Jump up as explosively as you can. In the video, I hold my hands behind my head for additional abdominal engagement. Another way to do this is to pull your arms into a prayer position while you squat, and throw them down to the sides as you spring into the air. I feel that this adds extra momentum to the movement.

Try to land as softly as you can on the balls of your feet. When you land, lower your body back into the squat position to complete one rep, and flow right into the next explosive jump/

Exercise based on a predetermined number of repetitions or time. Push yourself!

Bodyweight exercises Squat Jump

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