Bodyweight: Pike Press

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Pike Press

The pike press is a great bodyweight exercise for building strength in the shoulders. It’s pretty straight forward and doesn’t require anything fancy or complicated, but don’t let that fool you. This is a challenging exercise that is difficult to do higher repetitions with. I’m pretty certain that anyone who tries it will agree that it is a heck of a shoulder and upper back exercise!


Beginning in plank position, step the feet in approximately twelve inches. Rise up on the balls of the feet, raise your tailbone towards the ceiling, and lengthen out the spine through the crown of the head. Lower the crown of the head towards the floor by bending your arms, the same way that you would for a push-up. Press the arms straight so that you wind up back in the starting position. Stop performing the pike press before you reach failure to avoid collapsing onto your head!


Some people find that it can be uncomfortable on the wrists. Modify the pike press by using push-up stands or dumbbells to place less stress on the wrists. Elevate the feet on a stool, bench, or chair to intensify the exercise. If you have the available wall space, you could even walk your feet up the wall. The higher that the feet are elevated, the harder the exercise will be. Maintain the same angle of your body over the shoulders that you would from doing this exercise on the floor. bodyweight shoulder exercise

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