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Bodyweight: Alternating Forward Lunge

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Alternating Forward Lunge

You don’t need lots of equipment or expensive machines to get a fantastic leg workout. Bodyweight workouts are easily scalable for all fitness types and abilities. They are also perfect workouts to do with limited space, or while traveling.

Legs respond really well to high repetition exercise. The alternating forward lunge is a great way to use your bodyweight to sculpt nice legs, and add a cardio component to your workouts.

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  1. Stand at attention with your feet directly below the hips.
  2. Lunge one leg forward. Be sure to lunge out far enough so that the knees stay behind the toes. The deeper your are able to sink towards 90 degrees with the front knee, the more challenged you will be.
  3. Exhale and drive the forward leg into the floor with enough force to bring it back to the starting position. Really try to explode up during this portion of the exercise. The more explosive the drive back to standing position, the more benefit to the muscular and cardiovascular systems.
  4. Repeat the lunge with the other leg.

When using bodyweight only, make sure that you do enough repetitions to really feel a burn before you stop.

Bodyweight forward lunge

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