ABS 200 Abdominal Workout

Difficulty: Intermediate – Advanced
Equipment: None
Video Time: 11:03
This video is a level 2-3 abdominal workout.

Abs 200 Abdominal Core Workout

The road towards sculpted abs starts here!

Abs 200 is a blast to the abs to help you chisel your mid-section! You’ll hit your core from every angle.

This workout features 9 different exercises. It works great as a standalone workout, or the perfect bonus to any workout!

That means I’ve had lots of time to craft this routine into a masterpiece. Oddly enough, I have barely changed it in all this time. It doesn’t need to be changed. It’s great the way it is.

I’ve recorded it on its own as a separate video from Cardio Interval Circuit, because I want it to be used as a bonus workout to any of the other workouts on JohnnyFit Online.

Add some ABS 200 to the mix, and you know you’re going to get your workout on for the day!

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