Bodyweight Exercise: 4 Jabs 4 jumps

After you knock out 4 Jabs-4 Jumps, you can check out all of my other bodyweight exercises!

Body Areas Worked

  • Quadriceps
  • Hamstrings
  • Calves
  • Core
  • Shoulders

4 Jabs-4 Jumps

This exercise is a combination of 2 exercises: Squat Jumps, and Speed Jabs. The result is an efficient, full body, calisthenic exercise that really shoots your heart rate up. The 4 Jabs-4 Jumps exercise can be easily modified for all fitness levels and abilities.

In a group fitness setting, I often like to include 4 Jabs-4 Jumps immediately after a big primary exercise such as a chest press, bent row, or deadlift.

I also like to use this exercise as part of a Tabata sequence. It’s such a dynamic exercise that you won’t get bored during repetitive intervals. I like to throw a Tabata sequence somewhere in the middle of a workout, or the end of the workout in order to finish on an intense note.

  1. Stand with your feet around shoulder’s width or slightly wider.
  2. Crouch down into a fighting stance. Think boxing, or mixed martial arts stance.
  3. Throw four jab punches. Try to coordinate your exhalation with each punch.
  4. Hop four times. I like to keep my arms at a ninety degree bend, and bring my thighs up to meet my hands. This ensures that you’re getting those feet off the ground, and really working those hops!


Exercise Tips

  • Throw your jabs from your hips and mid section. Really use and engage your core during your punches.
  • Land softly and with little sound generated from your feet landing.
  • If you need to modify the jump, try a bodyweight squat instead of an actual jump.
  • Sink right back into your crouching, fighting stance. Let your legs absorb the shock of the jump.
  • Use a level of intensity with 4 Jabs-4 Jumps that is suitable to your fitness level.

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