Plyo Lunge

Bodyweight Exercise: Plyo Lunge Conquer the plyo lunge, then take on even more bodyweight exercises! Works Quadriceps Glutes Calves Hamstrings Core Like most bodyweight exercises, the plyo lunge can be modified to suit most ranges of fitness. Here, I list three different variations that are basically advanced, moderate, and basic. However, in addition to the level of your fitness and physical …

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Speed Skaters

Bodyweight Exercise: Speed Skaters After speed skaters take you to the next level of fitness, then check out all of my other bodyweight exercises! Works Quadriceps Glutes Calves Hamstrings Obliques Speed skaters are a classic exercise that’s often found within many fitness programs. It works many different muscle groups, but also requires you to work coordination, and balance. Coordination occurs from …

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You Are The Problem

What do you do when you’re a fitness blogger that doesn’t have anything to say? I’ve been experiencing a bit of writer’s block, and have come to the conclusion that perhaps a good ol’ fashioned rant may help. Here’s my rant… “You are the problem!” Where Do We Find Motivation? I’ve been struggling with this …

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