About JohnnyFit

Welcome to JohnnyFit – a site about fitness, yoga, and a healthy lifestyle.

My name is Johnny Nasello and I’m a Registered Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer, and group fitness instructor. I’ve taught thousands of group fitness and yoga classes, owned and managed a fitness studio, and most recently, spent the past 5 years as the Yoga Programs Director and Lead Yoga Teacher Trainer at a wellness resort.

This website has been around since 2011, and is where I share my fitness knowledge and experience, with a primary focus on kettlebell training.

Over the years, my main focus has shifted to yoga, and now I’m more active on my other website more focused on that: https://johnnynasello.com/

How I Became A Fitness Expert

2-hands anyhow kettlebell exericseFor as long as I can remember I participated in school and league sports; and, as I got older my interests in physical activity transitioned into bicycling, kayaking, hiking trails and exploring National and State parks.

After college, I spent a few years at a corporate desk job. I soon realized that the corporate world was not good for my body, or my well-being. I walked away from all of that to follow my passion and train fitness and teach yoga.

In this career, I feel engaged, interested, and passionate about what I do. My hard work, mixed with good fortune has blessed me with a degree of success in this field, and I feel that I have a lot to share with you. I’m honored that you’re here.

My clients and students have always been an inspiration for my blog posts, so there’s a good chance that I’ve written about something you need answered. Browse my site, and if you don’t find what you’re looking for, then let me know and I’ll get you an answer!

Personal Fitness Accomplishments:

  • Dedicated yoga practice since 2007
  • Teaching yoga since 2011
  • Yoga Alliance Registered
  • Completed 300 hour yoga teacher training with Noah Mazé
  • Completed 200 hour yoga teacher training with CorePower Yoga
  • Completed Elevate Yoga Teacher Training with Jill Knouse
  • Completed 150 Hours of Pranayama Study with Anant Singh
  • Formerly Certified Personal Trainer
  • Training with kettlebells since 2008
  • TRX Suspension Trainer certified
  • Weight training since high school
  • First Aid, CPR/AED training
  • A lifetime of sports and fitness activities including hiking, kayaking, biking, wrestling, baseball, football, and soccer.

Your Training Resource

I want this site to be a valuable resource to you as you improve your fitness, and live a more active lifestyle. Inside you’ll find insights and tips, workouts, and reviews. I try to keep it real, so trust me when I say that you’ll only go as far as you’re committed to going.

Do you need to try harder, or try smarter? Let me help!

Train With Johnny

Contact me for workshop and class offerings, personal fitness training, yoga, group fitness, and public speaking.

Events and Classes

All of my upcoming retreats, courses, classes, and events are up to date on my Events and Classes page.

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