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mountain climbers

Bodyweight Exercise: Mountain Climbers

https://youtu.be/vLUEeL7SCDs Overcome some mountain climbers, then check out my other bodyweight exercises! Body Areas Worked Chest Shoulders Core Arms Mountain Climbers Mountain climbers are a classic exercise that are frequently a part of any bootcamp, calisthenic, or circuit training style fitness program. That’s because this exercise kicks butt, burns calories, and works in both a bodyweight …

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Kettlebell Halo

Kettlebell Moves: Halo

https://youtu.be/6lVQF3sYcts Sculpt your shoulders with the kettlebell halo, then check out my Kettlebell Moves page for a TON of kettlebell exercises! Works Shoulders Biceps Forearms Core Upper Back Kettlebell Halo The kettlebell halo is a great versatile exercise that works extremely well as a warm up exercise, or as part of your regular workout. Use …

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