Month: July 2012

Superman Back Exercise

Bodyweight: Superman

In addition to the superman exercise, you can check out my Bodyweight Exercises page for a lot more exercises! Works Back Neck Glutes Hamstrings Shoulders Superman Exercise The superman is one of the best exercises for the lower back, and works to strengthen the entire back area all the way up and down the spine. The superman exercise …

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Bodyweight Squatting

Bodyweight: Bodyweight Squats

Check out my Bodyweight Exercises page for a lot more exercises! Works Legs Glutes Bodyweight Squats No fitness equipment? No problem! Bodyweight exercises are an amazing alternative to other popular workouts due to their effective approach in strengthening, shaping, and increasing lean muscle in your lower body. Bodyweight workouts are easily scalable for all fitness types and …

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pushup, push up

Bodyweight: Push Up

For more exercises like the push up, check out my Bodyweight Exercises page! Works Chest Shoulders Triceps Core The Push Up One of the very best bodyweight exercises is the push up. It is a fundamental exercise that is generally one of the first exercises that anyone learns. It’s highly effective in building upper body strength, and …

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