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Protein Substitutes

Protein Substitutes

In my previous post Why Use Protein Powder, I discussed why your body needs protein and the benefits from getting a proper amount. Here I’ll introduce some different protein substitutes other than meat products or powder. Hopefully, reading this list will lead to some nutritious ideas for your next meal! What Are The Different Types …

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Kettlebell Page on JohnnyFit!

Kettlebells are here on JohnnyFit! There’s a new kettlebell page added to JohnnyFit you can find under the Fitness section, or by clicking HERE! Check back tomorrow for a complete review guide to kettlebell DVDs for beginners!

Finding Your Edge

Finding Your Edge: Vulnerability

Personal development and growth in both physical and mental manifestations comes from exploring your own weaknesses, your own vulnerability! The word vulnerability is not often associated with strength. However, your greatest strengths have resulted from times when you were vulnerable. Vulnerability occurs when you place yourself outside your comfort zone. Do you remember your first …

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