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Purchasing Guidelines

All advertising should be legal, decent, honest and truthful.

Advertisements should not contain statements or visual presentations which offend prevailing standards of decency.

Advertisements should not condone any form of discrimination, including that based upon race, national origin, religion, sex or age, nor should they in any way undermine human dignity.

Advertisements should not appear to condone or incite violence, or to encourage unlawful or reprehensible behavior.

Advertisements should not make unjustifiable use of the name, initials, logo and/or trademarks of another firm, company or institution nor should advertisements in any way take undue advantage of another firm, person or institution's goodwill in its name, trade name or other intellectual property, nor should advertisements take advantage of the goodwill earned by other advertising campaigns.

Advertisements should not imitate the general layout, text, slogan, visual presentation, music and sound effects, etc., of any other advertisements in a way that is likely to mislead or confuse the consumer.

Violating any of these guidelines may subject an advertisement to removal without refund.

Paid Reviews, Sponsored Articles, or e-Commerce Links

Articles that are considered paid reviews, sponsored, or e-Commerce links include backlinks that point directly to a product or sales page. These articles are considered advertisements on JohnnyFit and are subject to the same guidelines as other advertisements.

A paid review, sponsored, or e-Commerce link article will remain on the site indefinitely, or for as long as JohnnyFit remains an active website. Don't worry, we're not going anywhere! Since article content continues to to draw visitors long after it's published, paid for articles will not be removed from the site.

Backlinks will be direct, and contain the "no-follow" attribute per Google guidelines and best practices.

All review articles written by you must contain at least 350 words (not including the author byline). The article can be as long as is necessary in order to relay the appropriate information.
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