Kettlebell Metric System – Convert Kilograms to Pounds

Some of you who are just getting into kettlebells might have some confusion about the metric system and decide to shop for brands that have their bells in pounds. This is understandable but unfortunate as most of the better quality ones use the metric system.

Kettlebell Metric System

Kettlebell Metric System

This article features the most common conversions from the metric system to pounds. I also took the liberty of rounding to the nearest pound.

Kettlebell Conversion – Convert kilograms to Pounds




4 9
8 18
12 27
16 35
20 44
24 53
28 62
36 79
44 97


Ultimately, the major difference in brands come down to the way the handle feels in your grip, a flat bottom to prevent the bell from rolling on you in certain moves, and rough areas left from the casting process. Also, with poorly constructed handles, you might find a bell that rests on your forearm uncomfortably.

I hope you find this chart useful.

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