I Want To Speak At FitBloggin

There’s going to be a fitness blogger conference this summer in Portland called FitBloggin’13. I want to speak at FitBloggin, and I have submitted my entry to be selected as an Ignite Fitness Keynote Speaker.

Speak at FitBloggin

Will you take a moment to vote for my submission? I would greatly appreciate it!

Follow the link below to the FitBloggin website and scroll down the page. My keynote submission is the one titled “Break Down the Door.”

Ignite Fitness Keynote: Vote Now!

Speak At FitBloggin

I want to talk about how desire, hard work, and dedication can create opportunities for you. I intend to tell a little of my story of how I walked away from my comfortable corporate desk job in order to pursue a career that I am passionate about and love.

Please go and vote for my submission. I would love the opportunity to speak at this conference.

Thanks for your help!