Cross Body Clean

Kettlebell Moves: Cross Body Clean

After trying this challenging cross body variation of the kettlebell clean, then check out my kettlebell moves page for a lot more exercises! Works Back Biceps Forearms Shoulders Core Quadriceps Hamstrings Glutes It’s always fun to add a little twist (literally and figuratively) to a kettlebell exercise in order to make it a little more challenging, add […]


Bottom Up Twist 2

Kettlebell Moves: Bottom Up Twist

The kettlebell bottom up twist is another good kettlebell abdominal exercise that involves rotational movement. After trying this exercise, check out my kettlebell moves page for a lot more kettlebell exercises! Works Obliques Forearms Biceps Core Bottom-Up Twist Swing the kettlebell to bottom-up position, and hold by the handles in front of your sternum. Engage […]

Kettlebell Pull Over

Kettlebell Moves: Bottom-Up Pull Over

After you chisel out your abs and core with the bottom-up pull over, discover more physique ripping exercises on my Kettlebell Moves page! Works Abdominals Forearms Biceps Lats Shoulders Core There’s nothing like hitting the core and midsection when you’re already tired and fatigued. Get in there and work deep into your abdominals with an abdominal exercise […]

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Never Go Full Yoga

I’ve Gone Full Yoga

For about two solid months now, I’ve been drifting towards yoga as my only form of exercise. It might be hard to fathom. After all, I’m freaking JohnnyFit! For years I’ve been a jack of all trades. Hundreds of thousands of people have visited this blog to find out about kettlebells, TRX, bootcamps, and all […]

Video thumbnail for vimeo video Noah Mazé 200 Hour Teacher Training - JohnnyFit

Noah Mazé 200 Hour Teacher Training

I’ve been working on obtaining a 500 hour yoga teacher certification under the guidance of my teacher Noah Mazé. I’ve been telling my other yoga teacher friends about how much I’m enjoying his program, and that I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in seeking advanced yoga teacher training. Then, I realized that […]


1 Minute Handstand Quest

1 Minute Handstand One of the fitness goals that I’m working towards these days is holding a 1 minute handstand. Once you have the strength to hold yourself in handstand, the rest is in developing the body awareness to know where to engage, tuck, extend, and press. As you can see from my video, I’m […]

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